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Summer is almost here!

Summer is around the corner and will be here before we know it! It's hard to imagine just a couple of weeks ago when we were watching the snow fall and dreaming of warmer weather, that it would be here this quickly.

And summer means it's time for community projects. Our community projects are fun. You get to meet with your garden club friends and dig in the dirt! What could be better? We are also doing important community work while having fun. All members should take part in at least one community project workday a year. Often, members pick a community project near to their hearts and do all of the workdays for that project. That is usually only 4-5 and some only have 1 a year. So it's not a big time commitment and if you show up the day of without signing up, that's great too!

Our community projects include the Smoky Hill Library Butterfly/Pollinator garden that we designed, installed, and maintain, the Ronald McDonald gardens and porch pots, the Pickens Technical College memorial rose garden, the CFGC HQ workday (June), and the Ft. Logan Cemetery workday (July). The dates and times for all workdays are in the club calendar on this website. The calendar is updated regularly so be sure to check it often.

Summer also means time to enjoy your own garden. Take the time to really savor how all of your hard work has paid off in your garden. And if you have a chance, snap a picture or take a little video to share with the club! We'd love to see your gardens.

Happy Gardening!

Victoria Schmidt

Dig and Dream Garden Club

NFRD President, CFGC Vice-President/President-elect

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