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Dig and Dream has been busy!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

The Dig and Dream Garden Club has been keeping busy during this trying time by holding both virtual and in-person meetings and doing our workdays in shifts - following proper social distancing guidelines of course!

Although not all members have joined all of our virtual meetings, we have had a quorum at all but one meeting since March 2020! We also have virtual educational programs to include one on planting for humminbirds and another on gardening for butterflies with a virtual garden tour, which was a lot of fun.

We also celebrated our cherished member, Dorothy Muir’s, 100th Birthday this past year with a fun drive by parade!

We have also expanded our website and added the ability for our member to pay their membership dues online.

We have been working hard to find creative ways to keep our members engaged. We look forward to learning tips from the other clubs on how you’ve been doing this as well!

The photos were taken at a work day at the Smoky Hill Library National Butterfly Garden that we designed, put in and maintain.We are using the tools given to us by Ames through their grant progran this year!

By Victoria Schmidt

President, Dig and Dream Garden Club

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