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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

At this time of year it's hard to think of gardening. But before you know it Spring will be here! Now's the time to start planning. Are you thinking of adding a new garden? Or perhaps just trying a new plant or two? Winter is a good time for planning your upcoming gardening activities. It's also a good time to reflect. What worked well this past year? What did not? What do you want to change? All good things to think about in the winter. Then, before you know it the time for starting your seeds has come!

But what about community activities? Winter is also a good time to start your planning for community projects related to gardening. For example, the picture here is showing us giving a tour of a new butterfly garden we created a couple of years ago to the community. That took a lot of preparation. The docents trained and practiced over the winter so they were ready to go once spring came. And of course, with our projects there is always ongoing maintence to think about. Winter is a good time to go over those activities and think about how you could make them more efficient and effective. And of course there are always new projects to plan! We look forward to hearing what you have planned for your gardening activities!

Victoria Schmidt

President, Dig and Dream Garden Club

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